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Eminence Africa Entertainment (EAE) was founded in 2012 by a young man who is the managing director of Afro Technology and Logistics. His Vision and passion for young people informed his decision to build a company that will empower and inspire young people to reach their full potential. That is how we have been able to attract a lot of young people who have journeyed through our ranks to become meaningful people in society. EAE is built on a foundation of love for country and family, we uphold the values of family and that has been one of our key strengths in transforming this generation of young people


Eminence Record Label is a record label that was designed to not just make good music but to inspire. 

We can do marketing and branding for companies, individuals, products and services in the best way possible to meet the client’s needs.

We have team of skillful people who can actually deliver and fully manage your event from start to finish line.

At Eminence we build responsible entertainers- people who can actually use their entertainment skills to change the world.


We don’t just want to work with u to sign autographs and take cool pictures, we want everything you do to matter. That’s how we have been able to build several notable talents across the country and beyond; our message is clear; we endorse growth and responsibility and we wish to build on that in years to come.


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