Augustine Ahmed Conteh was Born and raised in Freetown/Sierra Leone. He is the Co-founder and co-owner of Shukubly inc. Executive and Music producer of Shukubly and Eminence Africa

AUGUSTINE Conteh is a multitalented artiste, a Singer, songwriter and Live band Musician, his energy on stage knows no limit. He is currently a law student and is acting as well as a show host.

Augu6tine kick started music as an executive producer and producer to Drizilik and has been writing songs for numerous artistes across the country…Renowned for his versatility in entertainment and administration, he is now signed Artiste under Eminence Africa and a partner through the shukubly-Eminence Fusion

Augu6tine has most often been an outstanding live performer in all events done by EAE and before that had a couple of stellar performances in hosting formal events including the EAE Awards last year.

Quite impressive in his songwriting, he works with various artistes whose songs are currently making waves and he himself is currently working on his debut album, set to be released next year.

Augu6tine remains a strong and reliable Eminence Africa asset as he continues to exhibit what he holds as talent and passion.

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Augu6tine has an exhilarating energy for performance, He is the ultimate performer, singer, songwriter, dancer, producer and Lawyer. Augu6tine is an intelligent and creative musician, he will stop at nothing to make you entertained. Look out for Augu6tine, he is here to stay.


Freetown, Sierra Leone


Afropop, Rap