Blessing Mariama Jallah is a young woman, who was born in Liberia but spent most of her life in Sierra Leone. Blessing is a signed artiste of Eminence Africa and has been a revelation ever since she joined the team.

She has great passion for music, a vocalist who discovered her talent at a tender age but never paid attention to it until in her late teens. She now stands as one of the most promising young talents in music today.

Blessing has modeled her performance and singing to that of Lauren Hill and Ebony, notable singers for not just their vocal prowess, but also their performances.

Blessing would go on to inspire people with her music and sing songs that will transform entertainment in time to come. She wants to make a legacy with her sound and her unique voice is her most powerful weapon to send her message to the world.

She has released her 1st single hit “Chichipoly” a song that speaks about ‘Gossip’. It’s a common trend in the African setting and as a result it’s been given a native name “Chichipoly” which is the same way as you call someone who gossips…

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Freetown, Sierra Leone