Born on the 14th of April, 1996- 34 Military Hospital Wilberforce Barracks and raised by his biological parents to whom he happens to be the youngest in the family. Attended the Services primary secondary school and the St. Luke’s primary school where he started manifesting his gifts and later sat to his NPSE. He attained his high school education in the Sierra Leone Grammar School where he was made the president of all the creative social Clubs on an annual basis respectively. Because of his musical and creative gifts, he was also made the music Director of the scripture union which formed the genesis of his career in music. That same year, he competed and won the national Youth Gospel XPO. After this, in the following year he attempted the MTN project fame to represent Sierra Leone in Nigeria for the West African competition. He won the national challenge but couldn’t represent his country because of the outbreak of Ebola that year.
After this, he enrolled to the University of Sierra Leone, where he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Law (LLB honors) as he had always wanted to protect the interests of youths and gifted individuals.
Khadison Duwai experienced emotional moment in his life when he lost his mum in 2017 a week before his first nationally organized event. I.e. The Free Vocal Tips with Khadison Duwai. Khadison Duwai however pushed through and organized the event successfully and made his belated mother proud.
Khadison Duwai is also a national Vocal Coach in Sierra Leone and the Youngest in the field. Because of his musical expertise, he was called in to serve as a Coach on national TV in a reality TV Musical Series called Vocal Drift Inspire, where he served for three Years. He also presented the Season 2 edition of the show and hosted most of the live shows. He was also a judge at the Be A star Live TV show organized by Africell where he was one of the most outstanding judges and vocal coach at the event.
He is the CEO for Overtone Company and has recently launched his own motivational show ‘PURPOSE MONDAYS” this show was designed to give hope and inspire people to face daily challenges that they face. Because of his upfront creative activism and boldness, Khadison Duwai formed one of the leader’s members of the team of artists that sang the national anthem at the 2018 presidential inauguration.
As a national Youth figure, Khadison Duwai was inspired by the need to create a platform or young people like him, having suffered from talent abuse in the past. He therefore followed a greater call by creating a brand called Overtone which is Youth empowerment platform for gifted youths ranging from Art, fashion, media to Music. Overtone focuses on inspiring, mentorship and investing in Young and gifted youths. This has enabled him to organize events such as National workshops, mega worship events and TV shows e.g. The XMAS Surprise available on YouTube shows to empower such youths.
Khadison Duwai is also a fashion Designer, a graphics designer, a youth counselor and a brand developer. Still counting, Khadison Duwai has won more than 9 competitions ranging from Art to Music both nationally and internationally and he has no intentions of backing down as he has recently secured a three year record deal with eminence Africa Record Company

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Khadison Augustine Maada Duwai is a multitalented Gospel Vocalist in Sierra Leone. Khadission Augustine Maada Duwai, has got one of the most beautiful voices in the country, highly professional, a vocal coach and judge of the Africell Be a Star Live television singing competition. He has won many music competitions for vocalists and has been featured as singer for many exclusive events in the country.


Freetown, Sierra Leone