Eminence Africa Entertainment (EAE) was by inception, a social association called Klub Eminence, which in early 2019 was reregistered and transformed into something more impactful and life changing; An entertainment company, on the foundation of passion and love for country. EAE is made up of innovative, practical, professional and efficient youths, with a mission to acknowledge efforts and greatness, by awarding and signing youths, with the intention of grooming and inspiring them to do more and others to work harder, in various spheres of life and a vision to see more young people impacting lives and country, positively. Our core values being; passion integrity, efficiency, teamwork versatility and creativity, have been absolutely uncompromised and our ultimate guide.

EAE implements photography, videography, content creation, marketing and branding, event management, talent management and also operates as record label. The company has eight musicians signed to the label, one MC and one comedian at the moment. The company is mainly focused on starting with these artistes for change, by training and preparing them through workshops that entail discussions like; communication skills, human resource development, team building socialization and more.

Furthermore, in realization of Eminence’s needs and in pursuit of its mission, the entire management and partners, are dedicated through their various investments of time, assets, cash, ideas, etc, in making sure that the company’s vision is actualized, notwithstanding its relationship as a sister to the fastest growing and most successful technology and logistics company, Afro Technology and logistics.

So far, we have sponsored a good number of organizations, had fruitful collaborations and partnerships with other and likeminded companies and individuals as well as organize events like: The Mayor’s ball, Power women 232, West Africa Football Union tournament, Fashion Industry insiders, just to name a few.

Note: Our clients, audiences and grade are of very high importance to us and are the pointer to our divergence.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Smart Work And Dedication

The Mission

The mission of EAE is to acknowledge the efforts of youths by awarding them with the intention of inspiring them to do more and others to work harder to greatness and as well as building a formidable work force that will elevate the standards of the nation to its Apex.
We do this to also appreciate the efforts of the elderly for their achievement in various spheres.

The Concepts

The concept here at eminence is family. We share the true values of family; we care for each other’s needs not just as colleagues that work together but as one people. We solve every issue as a family, we support each other and help each other grow to their full potential.
We do this to also appreciate the efforts of the elderly for their achievement in various spheres.