Talent Management

As we strive for change and development in the Sierra Leone entertainment industry, the company takes it upon itself to tread on that path by recruiting talents through a standard procedure and manage their career after being signed to Eminence.

We recruit

By conducting auditions, where we make the necessary selection(s). The artiste goes through a probational period of six months and gets signed if the management and members of the board are satisfied with his/her output.

We inspire

Them by words and deeds, to always challenge themselves to be more creative, make more sacrifices and never get comfortable, so to bring out the best potential in them and have be the change in the industry.

We train

Every artiste by carrying out seminars, where we get to impart a great deal of knowledge, ethics and professional values in them.

We manage

Everything that has to do with our artiste’s career to ensure its functioning and success.