We have team of skillful people who can actually deliver and fully manage your event from start to finish line. We cater for award ceremonies, conferences, tradeshows and exhibitions, grand openings, music shows etc.


At Eminence we build responsible entertainers- people who can actually use their entertainment skills to change the world. We don’t just want to work with our artists to sign autographs and take cool pictures; we want everything you do to actually matter. That’s how we have been able to build several notable talents across the country and beyond; our message is clear; we endorse growth and responsibility and we wish to build on that in years to come.  


We can do marketing and branding for companies, individuals, products and services in the best way possible to meet the client’s needs. We create a positive image of your product or services to your target audience giving you the opportunity to meet your expectations and as well as increase revenue for your company or business. We are skilled in putting together a whole package of who you ought to be and where you are going.


Eminence Record Label is a record label that was designed to not just make good music but to inspire. Our mission is to create an amicable and creative environment that can give young and talented people the opportunity to grow in their art. Our artists are also trained to be professionals in what they do, but we also build their capacity to be ambassadors for change.


Every year Eminence organizes it’s one of kind awards ceremony in a grand style. This event is organized to recognize and appreciate excellence in various categories in the works of life. We recognize young and older people who have been exceptional in their areas of expertise, to encourage them to do more to make our country and the world a better place