young engineer of the year

young engineer of the year

Winner - Ing.(Mrs.)Rugiatu Blessing Koroma

She stands out as one of the most well-none engineers in Sierra Leone, having accumulated over ten (10) Years working experience in the road sector. It’s fascinating isn’t it, she must be something special. She leads a team of engineers in the technical Department of road maintenance Fund Administration (RMFA) in Sierra Leone.

She is highly known and respected amongst her peers and the wider engineering community in Sierra Leone, as a rising star and fearless champion of the empowering of women in engineering. She is a glorified member of STEM women and a staunch supporter of their cause, citing that mentoring budding STEM girls is her greatest fulfilment. Rugiatu is currently the Deputy Secretary General in the council of the Sierra Leone Institute of Engineers (SLIE) the statutory body responsible for engineering matters in the country.

Rugiatu is a stand out engineer who holds a Master’s Degree in Road Development and Engineering from the prestigious School of Engineering, University of Birmingham and a Bachelor of Engineering in the civil Discipline from Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone. Looking beyond her education, Rugiatu has used her sterling career to represent all young girls and women out there, inspiring them to chase their dreams in the engineering field, to know that they can achieve anything, and all they need is the ight push

Rugiatu now gives back to her community by using her skills as an engineer to make better road networks. By doing this she is adding value to the community and as well as creating an accessible environment for its dwellers. In today’s society this industrious and well put together young woman is whom you will be proud enough to call your daughter